Koehlke is experienced in the development and manufacturing of molded cable assemblies and overmolding for a variety of military and industrial applications. We provide fast lead times and competitive costs for high quality products.

Our molded assemblies are used in a broad range of military, industrial and consumer electronics applications.

Koehlke manufactures many types of molded assemblies including Single or Double Ended, "T" assemblies, Straight and Right Angle Overmolding, and Cable Jacketing.

  • Custom Molded Assemblies
  • Various resins, bonding
  • Crimp or solder, with capability to terminate a variety of terminals/contacts
  • Waterproof or shielded assemblies, including EMI/RFI
  • Waterproof assemblies
  • Insert molding, insert configurations
  • Overmolded grommets
  • Inventory programs to fit JIT and customer needs

To learn what we can do for you, please search a specific part, provide your requirements for technical assistance, or speak with one of our engineering experts by calling 877-KOEHLKE.

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